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Tools & Tech I Use

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Past Projects

PortoHeliDentist.gr and HappyTeeth.gr

Screencapture of PortoHeliDentist.gr's main page

Tatiana Fragou Dental Surgeon

This site was built for the village dental surgeon in Porto Heli, Greece. It was built to some strict guidelines in order for the surgery to qualify for some funding from the ESPA fund. The site is fully accessible and is certified to WCAG Level AA.

The owner of the business had a clear vision of what she wanted with detailed sections on each of the areas that the company specialised in, I advised the owner that, because of the amount of information that she wanted to convey, it was best that she had a multipage site. I mocked up the entire site using Adobe Xd and, because of our geographical seperation, was able to show her what her site would look like on both a desktop and on mobile devices using Skype and screenshare.

I also advised and assisted the owner with updates to her logo and some of the images that she wanted to use on her site.

Just over a week after the website went live the owner of the company contacted me excited at the fact that she had just got her first customer who had found the company through the website and contacted her using the contact form.

Some of the technologies used in the site;


Screencapture of Perihelion.info's main page

My CV Site

I built this site as somewhere to introduce myself, display both my professional and personal work, and as a place to be contacted for potential future opportunities. The site is the result of me pulling things apart and getting my fingers into the inner workings of thing to figure out how they work and then experimenting with what I have figured out.

This is not the first website that I have built, however it is the first site that I have published for public viewing. It is not finished and I will continue to add to it over time.

With the exception of the pictures of me with the YouTube makers at Makers Central (which were taken by my girlfriend), I took and edited all of the images on the site, including the images of me for the main and the about me pages. Taking images of yourself is quite hard when you prefer to be behind the lens so I will be retaking these at a later date.

Some of the technologies used in the site;


Screencapture of the VetKranidi.gr site carousel

Giorgos Karatheopoulos Veterinary Centre (Kranidi)

The client is a village veterinarian in Kranidi, which is a village in the eastern part of Argolis, Greece. It was important for me to capture the family run, pet first aspect of the clinic on the site and in the images. This site is still being developed with the client and so the site may change on a regular basis.

The site is based upon a theme (himu-free-responsive-bootstrap-template) as this is what serves the clients current needs. It also allowed me to explore some of the technologies that were being used within a complete website. The primary language for the site is Greek but it is available in English too.

I added some additional functionality to the site, including Flag-icon-css and the Google Map API. I also updated some of the key components of the site, improved the picture viewing overlay used for the In Clinic Shop section and added the filtering section. There is scope for some further expansion in the future, including making it available in German and French.

All of the photos on the site were taken and edited by me, including the product photos.

Some of the technologies used in the site;

Charlie Delta Store/Gallery

Screencapture of CharlieDelta.Perihelion.info's main page

Maker Magento Store

I currently have no active Magento shops online at the moment so I created this "shop" to showcase my skills with Magento and populated it with some of the items that I make in my spare time, as a way to show these off.

This specific "shop" uses Magento 1.9 as that is what my web host currently supports, however I do also have experience with using Magento 2. The majority of the changes were done using the standard Magento GUI, however some of the changes required me opening up specific files in a text editor and changing the code directly.

Hendrix-51c - Fictitious Travel Site

Screencapture of Hendrix51c.Perihelion.info's main page

Star Trek themed WordPress site

I have quite extensive experience using WordPress and have built a variety of sites using it. I have also customised and developed my own themes which often requires editing the PHP files manually in a text editor. However, like Magento, I currently have no active WordPress sites online (due to the site owners not renewing the URL's) so I built this Star Trek themed travel site about a fictitious planet in order to maintain my knowledge base and experiment with different plugins, therefore the site changes often.

Some of the plugins used on the site are listed below (all are available from the WordPress plugins repository);

  • Elementor - page builder.
  • Child Theme Configurator - to preserve my edits to the php files during updates.
  • Hummingbird - for faster page loading and minifying of files.
  • myStickymenu - who doesn't like a sticky menu!
  • Simple XML Sitemap Generator.
  • UpdraftPlus - to backup the site to my DropBox.
  • What The File - used alongside the browser Web Developer tools to find out what files need to be edited.
  • Yoast SEO - an SEO solution for WordPress.

JJ and JM Drew

Screencapture of the JJ & JM Drew site

A Website for my Parents

I built this site as a surprise Christmas present for my parents. My Dad is an Audio and Visual Engineer and programmer who has travelled the world working on well-known projects including The Dr Who Experience, Disneyland Paris, and Sanrio Puroland in Japan to name just a few.

Due to the website being a surprise the information and the images are limited to what I could get from their Facebook page that they are currently using, which they admit to being out-of-date! The site is currently on a sub-domain of my website until my parents settle on their own domain name and provide me with more content. However, my Dad is out of the country right now working on his latest project.

Working on this website gave me the opportunity to learn about Themepunch’s Slider Revolution plugin, which is predominantly a WordPress plugin but this is the jQuery version, I had originally seen it on a prebuilt template and I liked the look of it and was interested in how it worked.

My aims for the site are to showcase the interesting projects that my Dad works on and to help people to find him for new work opportunities. I am looking forward to working on this site with my parents.

Some of the technologies used in the site;

"Bob and James"

Screencapture of the Bob and James site

Fifth Year Anniversary Present

This was a fun, quick project.

I like to make my girlfriend handmade gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. I made her this website and gave her the address on our fifth anniversary. She always calls me by my middle name, James, she says that it is because no-one else calls me it. She does not have a middle name so I gave her one, "Bob" (said the way that Rowan Atkinson says it).

The website uses basic JavaScript to calculate the amount of time we have been together.

Some of the technologies used in the site;

A-Frame Virtual Reality Demo Site

Screencapture of Cliff's A-Frame Virtual Reality Demo Site

An Exploration in VR

At some point in the future we will be doing a lot more things using virtual reality, including browsing the internet. I was introduced to A-Frame whilst I was taking an online course on something else and decided to look further into it. A-Frame is a web framework that can be used for building virtual reality (VR) experiences.

During my experiments I created this demo website using A-Frame and free premade glTF models that I found on Sketchfab.com, I even went so far as to buy a Google Cardboard clone for my mobile phone so that I could see it in VR.

Originally the scene was populated with a lot more models but I had to remove the majority because the site took too long to load.

I enjoyed learning and experimenting with A-Frame and I intend to look further into it and how it can be used in websites.

Some of the technologies used in the site;